‘Even when we do it, it looks stupid’: Ex-Top Gear hosts Clarkson & May try out UK PM’s robo-dance

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May talks to the media as she arrives for the informal meeting of European Union leaders ahead of the EU summit, in Salzburg, Austria, September 19, 2018. REUTERS/Lisi Niesner

Former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May have mocked Theresa May’s painfully awkward ‘dance’ moves at Wednesday’s Tory conference, releasing a video of themselves trying out the prime minister’s infamous gyrations.

Borrowing May’s tune of choice, Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen,’ Clarkson filmed himself alongside co-star James May attempting to emulate the UK leader’s strange cha-cha, noting dryly: “No. Even when we do it, it looks stupid.”

Theresa May inspired yet another tsunami of social media mockery after she unleashed the “MayBot” at the Conservative Party’s annual conference, grooving up to the podium as Abba blasted through the sound system.

Her bizarre, robot-like moves have been shown off on numerous occasions, including one particularly unfortunate incident in which she attempted to “dance” with South African school children.


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