Russia will fight against attempts to hinder it in world politics and economy — Medvedev


The Russian prime minister said that “politically motivated obstacles on the way of mutually beneficial projects have become a reality now”

MOSCOW, October 9. /TASS/. Russia will fight against attempts of other countries to inhibit its activity on the international arena, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev wrote in the article for the Voprosi Ekonomiki (Economic Questions) magazine published on Tuesday.

“Every time when our country becomes active on the international arena, it always faces hard attempts to hinder us. We cannot ignore these tendencies, and we will actively fight for a good place in world economy and world politics,” Medvedev said.

He noted that “abrupt politization of international economic relations is another consequence of the turbulent period.”

“A force-based approach, trade wars, artificial barriers that go against economic calculations, politically motivated obstacles on the way of mutually beneficial projects have become a reality now, and we have to take this into account,” Medvedev said.

There is another trend in the world economy that is fundamental and long-term, the prime minister noted. This trend is an increasingly close integration and interdependence of markets, spheres, segments, production and services themselves, as well as “the colossally growing interdependence of energy and financial markets, and markets of transpost services and information,” he said.

“The potential brought about by the technological wave, gives us an obvious answer – the economy will be increasingly more globalized, even though the pace of this process might change,” Medvedev concluded.




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