Peter Lavelle: Why I Read Consortium News


Peter Lavelle, the host of RT’s Cross Talk, explains what Consortium News means to him.

From the desk of Peter Lavelle:

Not long ago during a visit he made to Moscow, I told Joe Lauria – now editor-in-chief of Consortium News— that I would read Robert Parry’s brilliant articles before I went to the studio to record my program, CrossTalk, at RT. Indeed it would not be exaggeration to claim Parry was my most important and influential “research assistant.” To this day Consortium News continues to be a valuable source of news and well-reasoned analysis. 

The media sphere today is under immense pressure. Governments, media in the service of power, and the growing tyranny of Big Tech have marginalized serious, well-informed journalism. Consortium News is one of the few news outlets I visit on a daily basis. It is refreshing and not bombarded by partisan bluster and low-octane thinkers. Instead, I find excellent, well-edited writing, as well as high-level intellectual honesty.

Most importantly, Consortium News does not bow to power. Robert Parry’s tradition of calling “balls and strikes” reaffirms the purpose of journalism – to critically contribute to the public square. Needless to say there is preciously little of that today. Consortium News fills this indispensable niche.

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Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program CrossTalk.


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