Japan Expresses Protest to Russia Over Missile Exercises on Kuril Islands


TOKYO (Sputnik) – Tokyo has expressed a protest to Moscow over the planned missile exercises on the disputed South Kuril Islands, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga stated.

“We always closely follow Russia’s actions in the area of the Northern Territories [South Kuril islands]. On October 16, we have expressed protest [to Moscow] via diplomatic channels over the upcoming missile exercises because they are leading to an increased military presence on the four northern islands, which contradicts our country’s position,” Suga said at a press conference.

According to Japanese media, Russia has informed the Japanese side about its missile exercises near Iturup island, due to be held between October 17 and October 31. Japan has already expressed several protests over drills on the Kuril Islands.

In response to Japan’s repeated protests, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia had the sovereign right to carry out any activities on its territory.

The South Kuril Islands dispute has long prevented the two countries from signing a permanent peace treaty after the end of World War II. The islands of Habomai, Shikotan, Iturup and Kunashir have been claimed by both nations, with the territories currently governed by Moscow.

Russia insists that the islands were transferred to the Soviet Union after the end of the war and it has been an integral part of Russia ever since.

However, recently, the bilateral relations have significantly improved, with the two nations launching joint economic activities in the region and committing themselves to progress toward signing the peace treaty.


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