Yandy creates ‘sexy’ Meghan Markle-inspired wedding costume


By Alexandra Deabler-Fox News

Lingerie company Yandy has unveiled its Meghan Markle-themed wedding costume — and it’s much shorter than what people might remember.

The costume, named “American Princess,” is modeled – very loosely – off Meghan’s wedding dress, which featured an off-the-shoulder look, 3/4 sleeves and simple, white bodice. Yandy’s take has the same neckline and sleeve-length, but is quite a bit shorter than the regal wedding dress worn by the Duchess of Sussex in May.

“You’re living an actual fairy tale! Get ready to walk down the royal aisle in this exclusive American Princess costume,” the website description reads.

To make sure the buyer knows who the costume is referencing, Yandy included a suitcase from “Deal or No Deal” in the marketing pictures, a nod to Meghan’s brief stint as a model on the television game show.

The costume, which runs for $50, does not seem to be getting too many interested buyers on Twitter.

The costume, however, does not seem to include a royal baby bump.

Alexandra Deabler is a Lifestyle writer and editor for Fox News.



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