Kim Kardashian’s nude ad for Flashing Lights eye shadow confuses fans: ‘Just show us your eyes’


Fox New

Yep, this certainly shows off Kim’s beautiful eye shadow palettes!

Kim Kardashian took to social media on Thursday morning to promote her new Flashing Lights eye shadow collection with a photo that pictures the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star lying on her back in her birthday suit.

“A little silver eye this morning! Flashing Lights Collection by @david_lachapelle Available this Friday Exclusively on ,” she captioned the pic.

But while the photo has been lauded as “stunning” and “flawless” by some on social media, others couldn’t help but criticize Kardashian for her odd approach to makeup marketing.

“Eye shadow collection.. Couldn’t you just show us your eyes?” one commenter asked.

“I literally don’t understand why she has to show her whole body for and eye-shadow ‘advertisement,’” wrote another.

Others blasted Kardashian simply for going nude, with one Instagram commenter writing “Girl ur a mother!” and another Twitter user asking why Kim was pulling any punches at all.

Despite the critics, Kardashian’s eye shadow ad is already getting the attention it was seeking: As of Thursday afternoon, the picture had more than 1.6 million “likes” on Instagram.

Kardashian’s new Flashing Lights eye shadow collection, which comes in seven shades and shares its name with one of husband Kanye West’s songs, debuts Oct. 19.



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