US Cracks Down on Tech Exports to Chinese Chipmaker


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The US government has restricted exports to the Chinese Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Company that makes semiconductors, citing a “significant risk” to national security, the Department of Commerce said in a press release on Monday.

“Effective October 30, 2018, the Department of Commerce has taken action to restrict exports to Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Company by adding them to the Entity List,” the release said.

The action was taken because Jinhua poses a significant risk of becoming involved in activities that are contrary to the national security interests of the United States, the Commerce Department explained.

“Placing Jinhua on the Entity List will limit its ability to threaten the supply chain for essential components in our military systems,” Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said in the release.

Jinhua is nearing completion of substantial production capacity for dynamic random access memory (DRAM) integrated circuits and the additional production threatens the long-term economic viability of US suppliers of these essential components of US military systems, the release said.

Previously, Bloomberg Businessweek published a report based on a lengthy investigation, said that Chinese hacking was “the most significant known supply chain attack ever against US companies.” Meanwhile, Apple, Amazon Web Services and Super Micro Computer refuted the report.



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