US Discusses Possibility of Keeping Bases in Afghanistan With Taliban – Report


Negotiations between the Taliban and Washington have been conducted behind closed doors and without representatives of the government in Kabul, which has led to rumours about what provisions in the deal might contain.

US and Taliban negotiators have found themselves stuck in a deadlock over the issue of American military bases in Afghanistan, Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune reported. According to the outlet, Washington is trying to negotiate a deal that would allow it to keep long-term military bases in Afghanistan and that would guarantee their security in exchange for “substantial financial assistance” in rebuilding the ravaged country.

The Taliban, on the other hand, demands the full withdrawal of the US from the country. However, the group has not walked away from the negotiations with Washington, but agreed in December to discuss the issue in the talks.

The negotiations in the UAE became possible after Pakistan brokered them following a request from US President Donald Trump, who asked the Pakistani PM for assistance in bringing the conflict, which has been ongoing for nearly two decades, to an end.


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