Russian Warships Observe, Escort Two US Destroyers in Baltic Sea – Military


The US fleet has yet to comment on the move, however, the Pentagon has recently been boosting its naval presence near Russia’s territorial waters, with the USS Donald Cook guided-missile destroyer entering the Black Sea over the weekend.

The Russian military has announced that the Baltic Fleet’s corvettes have been monitoring two US destroyers in the area.

According to the statement released by the Russian National Defence Management Centre, Russia’s “Boykiy” and “Soobrazitelny” warships have been escorting the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers USS Porter and USS Gravely in the Baltic Sea.

“The forces of the Baltic Fleet took Gravely and Porter, the destroyers of the US Navy that entered the southern part of the Baltic Sea, under escort. Russian Navy corvettes Boiky and Soobrazitelny are monitoring the actions of the US ships”, the Russian National Defence Management Centre said Monday.

On Sunday, images of the USS Donald Cook, a missile destroyer deployed to the Black Sea, were unearthed online shortly after the vessel entered the region.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet began tracking the destroyer’s movements, having sent one of its frigates, the Pytlivy, to shadow the US vessel.

Earlier this month, the USS Gravely destroyer was spotted passing through the Danish straits and approaching the Baltic Sea.


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