Armenian National Security Service discloses illegal commodity import scheme


YEREVAN /ARKA/. The National Security Service of Armenia has disclosed the mechanism that had been used by economic entities importing commodities throughout a long period of time to dodge taxes and duties.

According to preliminary reports, the group of citizens used to import large batches of the goods bought in Georgia, Turkey and other countries (vegetables, fruits, household appliances etc.), storing them in several houses in Sadakhlo village in Georgia or neutral zone, and then, declaring the goods by parts as cargoes of individuals in permitted volumes, carried many times these big batches in parts, as small cargoes, through Bagratashen border checkpoint without paying taxes and duties necessary for customs clearance.

Remarkable is also that the commodities were imported without mandatory food-safety examination and procedures.

On January 15, another attempt to import more than 1 ton of vegetables and fruits was foiled –a resident of Alaverdi city carried his cargo in vehicles of various persons.

The preliminary inquiry has revealed that the importer gave a bribe to the Armenian Stet Revenue Committee’s customs inspector of Bagratashen checkpoint.

The investigation departments of the National Security Service opened a criminal case. Charges are brought against the inspector and the person who has organized the shipment of the cargoes. Both are arrested.

”The National Security Service urges Armenian citizens to refrain from participation in such criminal schemes, which is criminally liable in customs legal relationship, since goods of unknown origin, including Azerbaijani and Turkish goods, which are being brought to Armenia’s market without due customs control pose a direct threat to national security,” the National Security Service says in its report adding that it will be steadfast in its determination to struggle against such offences.


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