Former Shin Bet head: Israel should go through with Qatari fund transfer


Qatari fund transfer talks started again after an IDF soldier was lightly wounded by a terrorist’s fire.


Former Shin Bet head Yaakov Peri said that Israel needs to continue transferring Qatari funds to the Gaza Strip in an interview on Army Radio on Wednesday morning.

Perry stated that the decision not to transfer money has great potential for a flare-up. “Hamas will not become a lover of Israel because of the money or because of its non-transfer,” explained Peri. “Israel needs to act according to its interest, which is to avoid confrontation. If the same Qatari funds cause a confrontation not to occur, the broader consideration must prevail.”

The former Shin Bet head explained that he expects that at the end the money will be transferred because “we do not have a choice.”

“We should have initiated civil and humane initiatives already after Operation Protective Edge,” said Peri. “We are on the brink of a humanitarian crisis in Gaa for a while now and once it blows up, the world will come to us with complaints.”

Yesterday, Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was instructed to end the third stage of transfer of Qatari funds. The instruction came after an IDF officer was lightly wounded from a terrorist’s shots in the Kisufim area during a disturbance in the southern Gaza Strip.

In response to the events, the IDF attacked a Hamas position in Gaza using tank fire. The subsequent investigation showed that a bullet hit the officer’s helmet. The officer, a company commander in the paratrooper unit, was evacuated by rescue teams to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba.

Meanwhile, five suspects neared the fence of the southern Gaza Strip, two of which managed to cross over it into Israeli territory, but shortly after receded back into Gaza.

At the same time, Palestinians reported that following the tank fire, a Hamas activist was killed and two others were wounded, one of them seriously.

Another shooting at a Hamas position, this one empty, occurred on Tuesday morning on the northern Gaza border. None were injured.

The afternoon event in the Kisufim area was more complicated. It began with a violent riot during which stones were thrown at IDF forces. At the peak of the attack, open fire began at the officer.

As mentioned, in this case the Hamas position was manned and, according to Gazan reports, two Hamas military wing operatives were killed as a result of the attack.

The assessment is the shooting incidents one after the other are not accidental.

This article was translated by Tamar Beeri.



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