Pashinyan announces start of economic revolution in Armenia


YEREVAN, February 12. /ARKA/. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced the start of economic revolution in the country as he presented the government’s five-year activity program to the parliament. “Armenian people have already defeated corruption, overindulgence and cronyism and will struggle against poverty, unemployment and idleness,” he said.

The premier said that the program based on My Step bloc’s election program contains answers to the questions about how this revolution will be implemented. In his words, the economic revolution will be carried out with using the same instruments as political revolution.

Pashinyan said that his political force, which established in 2013, needed five years to conduct the nonviolent velvet revolution in the country with using only Facebook and the financial resources received as donations.

“The revolution has become possible also thanks to the fact that our political force has no financial or political obligations toward anybody,” he said. “This is an important factor that ensures sovereignty to Armenia and Armenian people. We have obligations solely towards people. We intend to use the powers received from people to implement real economic changes in the country.”

Stressing the importance of citizens’ behavior, the premier said that it will be come possible to put the economic revolution ideas into reality only when citizens change their political and economic conduct.

”Our objective will be stimulation and creation of necessary opportunities for that,” he said.
That is why, he said, there are few figures in the program.
“Everything will depend on how many citizens will react to our call and want to become economic activists and use the provided opportunities,” Pashinyan said. “We believe there will be hundreds of thousands or millions, but we don’t want to put pressure and make forecasts.”


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