Iranian President Lauds US Troop Pullout From Syria ‘If It’s True’


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called the US intention to withdraw troops from Syria good news, but said it was difficult to trust Washington’s promises, according to a statement published on its official website.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has launded the US intention to withdraw troops from Syria, saying that “if it is true, this is good news”. 

At the same time, the Iranian president added: “We can never trust the words and promises of Americans”.

He also noted that Iran considers it important to preserve the integrity of Syrian territory, and therefore declared that the entire territory of Syria should be controlled by Damascus.

In December, US President Donald Trump declared victory over the Daesh* terrorist group and said he would withdraw some 2,000 US troops currently deployed in Syria. Washington, though, said that it would not reveal a timeline for withdrawing its troops, and pledged that the US-led international coalition’s fight against terrorism would continue.

According to US officials, the pull-out of the US troops, will take from 60 to 100 days.


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