Breakthrough Device Takes Lebanon by Storm—Melts Away Neck Pain in 10 Minutes


by Tony Parsons –

Finally, an easy solution for that chronic neck pain that never seems to go away…

As you probably know, everyday use of computers and smartphones can cause severe neck pain.

You know what it’s like…

Sitting up hurts. Bending over hurts. Turning your head hurts. Sometimes you can’t even get comfortable enough to sleep at night.

And to make matters worse, the pain seems near impossible to get rid – no matter how much rubbing, rolling, massaging, or pressing on sore spots you do.

What if I told you there was a breakthrough device that can get rid of your neck pain in just 10 minutes a day?

What is it?

NeckRelax is a simple, portable neck pain relief device. It’s a little neck hammock to support your head and neck – that allows you to get fast relief from everyday neck pains wherever you are.

NeckRelax quickly relieves neck pain from the comfort of your own home or office. This cutting edge tech combines resistance bands and gravity to give you a comfortable controlled stretch. So, it gently pulls the tension out of those tight, inflamed muscles while you rest!


How Does It Work?

When your neck is feeling off, the problem is typically tension in the muscles that surround the vertebrae in your neck.

NeckRelax neck hammock uses your own body weight and the pull from its stretch bands to create “cervical traction” – a gradual stretching of your neck – to completely relax those wound up neck muscles.


Feel NeckRelax’s instant and effective pain relief in 3 easy steps:

1.Wrap the elastic bands around your door handle

  1. Close the door
  2. Lie down and gently recline your head in the neck hammock


See How It Works…

“The idea is to relax completely and allow NeckRelax to hold your neck in the correct position”

What makes NeckRelax so unique?

  • You Can Use it Anytime, Anywhere – NeckRelax can wrap around any door, railing, or pole – giving you the flexibility to use it after a stressful day of work in the comfort of your own bedroom or even after a long flight in your hotel room.
  • Fits into your busy schedule – Neck pain never happens at a convenient time. So, use NeckRelax whenever you need it. A single session can melt away the pain in as a little as a few minutes!


  • Melts away stress and anxiety – Customers report that NeckRelax is so relaxing, you’ll have to try not to fall asleep while using it!
  • Perfect for travel – Easily stores in your luggage when traveling, or simply place in your dresser when you’re done at home. It has no moving parts, and no setup or batteries are required. Hand washable, one size fits all!

Use NeckRelax and relieve your neck pain anywhere there’s space to stretch out.

Who Can Benefit From NeckRelax?

Just about anyone who’s every had neck discomfort or pain!

This device is ALSO great for athletes who need to recover quickly. In fact, several professional fighters have given us glowing reviews.

NeckRelax can also be beneficial for anyone who spends all day at their desk such as office workers and students.

It is also highly recommended for business travelers and drivers as it can safely and effectively relieve neck pain, improve the flexibility of the neck, relieve tension and enhance relaxation.


What Do NeckRelax Customers Think?


“Alright…. truthfully this thing is straight magic! I work 9 to 5 at a computer and afterwards I head to kickboxing and that has been doing damage on my neck. I have been using NeckRelax for a few days now and honestly this thing is a game changer. I can feel less tension in my neck. I think everyone can relate to stress on the neck which is why I think everyone can really benefit from this.”

Sebastian, 41


“Since I work in the office, I sometimes have neck pain when I stare at the screen all day. A friend recommended NeckRelax to me. I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a try. I have attached the neck hammock to the door handle as described. I have to say, I am positively surprised. It is nice to lie with your head in it and it makes you feel much more relaxed afterwards.”

Alisa, 33


“I often have a headache from stress, so I wanted to find something to relax at home. The neck hammock can be wrapped around any door giving you the freedom to use it everywhere. Comes with two adjustable straps so that it can be adjusted well to the personal needs. So far, I’ve been using this at home almost every day for 10 minutes after work. It really alleviated my headache. Also, well suited for traveling because you do not need batteries or chargers. Totally recommended.”

Anna, 31


Questions and Answers about NeckRelax

Q: How and where can I hang the device?

You can choose how you would like to secure NeckRelax device. Either jam the buckle into a closed door, or place the loop around a door handle, rail or hook.

Q: How much time does it require?

Sessions last only 10 minutes and it can be used 2-3 times a day for more severe pain.

Q: Is there any professional assistance required?

In order to use NeckRelax no professional assistance is required.

Q: What if my door isn’t made with the same standards?

NeckRelax is suitable for most kind of doors. However, you can also use the supplied strap on railings and poles instead

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Absolutely yes! For just $69 USD (50% off for a limited time) NeckRelax is a great bargain versus paying $100s per month for expensive pain killer or trips to the massage parlor! This revolutionary neck hammock will finally set you free from aggravating neck pain.


How To Get Your Very Own NeckRelax?

If it’s still in stock, here is how to get them:

1) Order NeckRelax from the official website.

2) Enjoy what a difference NeckRelax makes for your pain!

It’s That Simple!



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