Russian official says Russian investors ready to invest in Armenia


YEREVAN, February 18. /ARKA/. Leonid Kalashnikov, the chairman of a Russian State Duma committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots, said at a briefing in Yerevan today that Russian investors are ready to invest in Armenia.

He said Armenian government’s promises should translate into deeds, such as adoption of investor encouraging laws. He said economy needs to become stable, offer high salaries.

In his words, the issue of investment should be considered in the context of geopolitics and politics in general. “What advantages will investors get in Armenia and why they should come to Armenia, and not go, for example, to Georgia?” Kalashnikov said.

He asked whether Armenia is ready to take measures that, on the one hand, will allow the country to be attractive to investors, and on the other, guarantee protection against interference and changes in the rules.

“The investor is always waiting for answers to these two questions. You can’t force them to invest here or there. He goes there where there is profit,” he said. He added that Russia-based ethnic Armenian business people are ready to invest in their homeland.


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