Maajid Nawaz, LBC presenter, hurt in ‘racially motivated’ attack


Radio host and founder of anti-radicalisation Quilliam Foundation says he was hit in the face outside theatre in Soho

Press Association

The LBC radio presenter Maajid Nawaz has told of being “racially attacked” and assaulted outside a central London theatre on Monday night.

Nawaz said a white male attacked him from behind outside the Soho Theatre. He posted a photo of a cut to his forehead and said the man racially abused him and then hit him in the face with “maybe a signet ring”.

The attacker then ran away “like a coward” and “He took nothing. He was just a racist,” said Nawaz, who presents a show on LBC radio on Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes, and is the founder of the Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism organisation.

The Metropolitan police said they were called to a report of a racially aggravated assault in Dean Street at 7.10pm.

The suspect fled the scene before officers arrived, no arrests were made and an investigation had been launched, police said.

Nawaz said: “My forehead will probably be scarred for life. But we will find you, you racist coward, and you will face British justice.” In one tweet he said there were witnesses who heard the racial abuse and they gave statements to the police who “have his face on CCTV”.




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