Foreigners sell Turkish equities and government bonds


Non-resident investors sold $63 million worth of Turkish equities in the week ending Feb. 15, data from the Central Bank showed on Feb. 21.

In the previous week, foreigners also offloaded $106 million worth of equities, thus the outflows from the market amounted to $169 million in two weeks.

The Central Bank calculated that market value of non-resident investors’ holdings of Turkish equities stood at $34.2 billion as of Feb. 15 versus $34.75 billion on Feb. 8.

Data also showed that foreigners sold $103 million worth of government debt securities in the same week. That followed $206 million of outflows from the debt securities market in the previous three weeks.

According to the Central Bank, market value of foreign investors’ holdings of governmentdebt securities was $18.5 billion as of Feb. 15, down from $18.8 billion on Feb. 8.

On a separate note, the Central Bank’s gross foreign exchange reserves declined by $250 million from a week ago to $78.13 billion as of Feb. 15.

The bank’s gold reserves, on the other hand, remained almost unchanged at $20.43 billion.


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