7 tips to create a lasting entrepreneurial personality


How do you think and behave like an entrepreneur? These 7 tips will help you culture a lasting entrepreneurial personality.

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These 7 tips will help you culture a lasting entrepreneurial personality and have the confidence of a CEO!

The word Entrepreneur’ originates as a combination of the French word entreprendre’ (meaning – undertake) and the English word enterprise’. So simply put, entrepreneurial’ would be a capacity to take on an enterprise of any sort.

Doesn’t this then make the entrepreneurial trait a most coveted one to have?

Being an entrepreneur is a state of mind, a way of living, and an aspect that lends itself helpful to most everything we do.

The fact is that we all need this crucial trait in life and while it comes more easily to a few, while others can always learn it.

Here are a few things we can start with as we re-format our personalities the entrepreneurial way:

  1. Dare to dream

These tips to develop your personality and be like an entrepreneur will help you realise your dreams!

Dreaming in not just the right of children or out-of-job adults, but is a most useful indulgence for all.

Dreaming ensures we manifest and this clarity of vision will eventually help achieve the said dream!

Dreams when dared, become self-controlled acts of our future wants, and this is something that will help us take charge of our life at every turn!

  1. SWOT yourself

Getting to know your self is as worthy a cause as any.

Investing in learning about oneself is a great start to knowing what makes us tick, what drives us and even embracing early on itself, any quirks we may have.

Meditation is a proven tool that can help us along in our personal SWOT, as it clears the mind, while increasing knowledge of the self.

Once we know what or who we are, it’s easier to align our-self with the right fit in the universe and attract the right we want. Eventually, be true to what you want your best version to be and then look to only impress yourself.

The fakeness of trying to fit into other people’s cut-outs will then just fall away.

  1. Percept away


Around people, try your best to be a mature, perceptive personality instead of an amateurish person who judges everyone around.

While this is easier said than done and even takes a lifetime of practice, still this one is worth trying for.

You can use common sense which may not always very common, and most of all learn to trust your god-given instincts, as this inner voice only grows stronger, the more you listen to it!

  1. Keep those guts, razor sharp


Whether you are a Bill Gates, an Oprah Winfrey, a Richard Branson, or anyone else, but never be that someone who lacks the guts to do anything.

While this is not about being all macho, it more about being ready, watching out for the signs and taking that shot/chance when you get it.

Entrepreneurial guts is about being ready to ride that wave when it comes your way, and come it will!

  1. Master that self


Planning, discipline, or any other improvement like all things should first start with the self.

Mastering the self is all about being able to execute the plans we make for ourselves.

I truly believe that Lady Luck favours the prepared, and our principal endeavour should be to learn to operate the self’ well enough, to achieve whatever this self’ sets its mind to!

  1. Be passionately proactive


Feeling strongly about something and then getting on and doing something about it, is entrepreneurship in its purest form!

To be enterprising is truly a commendable quality; so don’t you ever lose that passion for things that matter to you.

It’s exactly where the world expects you to make your mark!

  1. Have heart


Humility, gratefulness, philanthropy, compassion — all come from the heart.

This trait that children are born with is something that needs to be kept alive no matter what, and even regularly nourished and honed!

Having heart’ will gloriously shine in everything you do. This is what will make you an entrepreneur with a soul.

Besides the numerous karmic benefits you earn as you have heart’, this is also the single distinguishing factor that segregates the rich entrepreneurs from the inspiring ones!

So while there are many types of entrepreneurs, the proportions and combinations of these traits in our genetics still makes us unique and different from other entrepreneurs.

With a ton of inspiring entrepreneurs world over, closer to home, I have my dad, who is an exquisitely successful kind, my mum, an astonishingly multi-tasking kind that one reads about and the other brilliant people I am surrounded with in my field of wellness, (at my place of work and in friends too), who are all amazing people with large entrepreneurial personality — these are all whom I best learn from every day, as I hopefully continue becoming a better version of myself.

So, as you take on the text book definition and add your own self to it, you will become this amazingly unique entrepreneurial version of yourself and this version of you is exactly what the world needs right now.

We have one life, why not live it like a true entrepreneur.

– Article by Sharmilee Agrawal Kapur (Pranic Healing Practitioner), Founder-Director, ATMANTAN Wellness Resort



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