Shortage of funds hinders implementation of joint Iranian-Armenian projects, expert says


YEREVAN, March 1. /ARKA/. According to an Armenian expert on Iran Gohar Iskandaryan, all joint Iranian-Armenian projects that should have been financed by the Iranian side were not implemented, because Iran had a shortage of funds.

Speaking at a news conference today she said because of hard economic situation Armenia likewise was not able to finance them. In her words, the situation has not changed.

Iskandaryan said the Armenian side needs to intensify work with the Iranian business community, but warned about obstacles along the way.

“It seems to me that there is a language barrier problem. Iran’s business elite does not speak English very well, and almost doesn’t speak Russian. Their communication language is Farsi, which Armenian businessmen don’t master,” she said.

At the same time, Iskandaryan added that the language barrier is a purely technical problem that can be easily solved if a political decision is made.

Citing US sanctions against Iran, she said Armenia can organize cooperation with Iran within a certain framework. According to her, Armenia is more attractive to Iran and its entrepreneurs not as a bridge to the Eurasian Economic Union, but as a path to the European market, because Armenia enjoys the preferential GSP + trade regime with European Union that allows it to export to the EU some 6000 products without any or reduced customs duties.


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