International Women’s Day: “Eight Souls in the Heart of March” Art Exhibit Opens at Haigazian University


On the Occasion of International Women’s Day, and under the patronage of the Cultural Section of the Armenian Embassy, opened the collective art exhibition entitled “Eight Souls in the Heart of March”, on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, at the Matossian Gallery – Haigazian University Art Center.

A capacity audience gathered to admire and get inspired by the 50 artworks displayed in the gallery, featuring paintings of different themes, styles, and schools of art, created by eight talented women artists; Lena Aydenian, Tina Chakarian, Linda Edoyan, Maya Fares, Jeannette Gerges, Dzovig M. Kazazian, Ani Terzian and Doreen Khanamirian El-Zein.

The event started with the welcoming address of the University’s Public Relations Director, Mrs. Mira Yardemian, who reminded the distinguished guests of the substantial importance of this occasion throughout the world, and the significant progress in women’s rights since its proclamation date by the UN’s General Assembly in 1977. On a parallel note, Yardemian shed light on the “HeForShe” solidarity campaign, initiated by the UN in 2014, for the advancement of gender equality. Yardemian underlined the dual mission of the exhibition, saying “it is designed to inspire and empower every woman to pursue her passion, and strive for her self-actualization, as well as to provide the opportunity for quality higher education to every deserving student, by raising funds from part of the proceeds.”

In his word of greetings, the Third Secretary at the Armenian Embassy, Mr. Davit Alaverdyan, representing Ambassador Vahakn Atabekyan, shared his joy to celebrate the International Women’s Day at Haigazian University. He applauded the participating artists for their exceptional talent and hard work, wishing them and the University further accomplishments.

On behalf of the artists, Ms. Tina Chakarian thanked Haigazian University for this initiative, and fellow artists for their work and efforts. Chakarian, who currently resides between Boston, Los Angeles and Yerevan, shared with the audience her true emotions of returning back to her home country and taking part in this collective project.

“Eight Souls in the Heart of March” is in course until Friday, March 15, 2019, from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.


Mira Yardemian

Public Relations Director




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