Fourth Annual Programming Cup for High School Students: Scholarships and Smartphones for the First Five Winners


 On Tuesday the 2nd of April, 2019, the Mathematical and Computer Sciences Division at Haigazian University organized its Fourth Annual Computer Programming Cup for High School Students, with the participation of 40 secondary students from 17 different Lebanese schools across Lebanon.


This meticulously designed program, aims at introducing high school students to Haigazian University in general, and to the Computer Science major in particular, in addition to promoting the spirit of innovation and creativity among them.


Over a period of three weeks, incumbent students were thoroughly introduced and trained on various software languages, in addition to producing computer software, skilfully provided by the Division’s faculty members.


During the closing ceremony, certificates of participation were presented to all participants, whereas the first three winners were granted scholarships, in addition to smartphones for the five finalists.


Results came as follows:

First prize: Mohamad Kurjieh – Al Bayader School / Aramoun

Second Prize: Hadi Khazem – Imam Hassan High School / Mabarrat

Third Prize: Mohamad Mehdi Choaib – Hasan Kassir High School

Fourth Prize: Jessy Shnorhokian – Armenian Evangelical Central High School / Ashrafieh

Fifth Prize: Sabine Yabroudi – Jesus & Mary School / Rabweh




Mira Yardemian

Public Relations Director


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