Afrin: People Seek Fate of Their Relatives’ Held by Islamist Groups


Basnews- ERBIL – People of the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northern Syria appealed on Wednesday to humanitarian and human rights organizations to ensure the fate of their relatives who have been held by the Turkey-backed Syrian rebels for over seven months.

According to a statement by local human rights groups, the people had been jailed since September 6, 2018.

The detainees, the press release said, were identified as Mohammed Manla Mohammed bin Abdul Karim, 43, Abdul Mannan Manla Mohammed bin Taher, 64, Taher Manla Mohammed bin Abdul Manan, 22, Rukn Manla Mohammed Bint Abdul Manan , 27, Kawa Jamal Omar, Rukin’s husband, 24, Jihad Daoud, 43, Hussein Amin bin Anis, 40, Aref Sheikh Hamo bin Farid, 20, Mohammed Sheikh Hamo bin Farid, 21, Bassam Ahmed bin Hanan, 33, and Luqman Mohammed, 24.

Turkey cooperatively with Ankara-backed Syrian rebels overran Afrin last year under the pretex of securing its borders.


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