Ever Since I Started Using This Silk Pillowcase, My Hair Has Never Looked Better


As the proud owner of natural 4B curls, I learned about harnessing the power of silk fabric to preserve a second-day twist-out or weekly blowout from my mother, grandmother, and aunties at a very early age. Now as an adult, what started with me tying my hair up at night with bonnets and scarves before bed has transitioned to a not-so-secret stash of silk pillowcases (don’t @ me) to keep my various hairstyles intact.

Although silk pillowcases in general will always have a special place in my heart, there’s one in particular that works best to keep my bedhead at bay—the Slip for Beauty Sleep Pure Silk Pillowcase. Not only does this pillowcase feel superluxurious, but it also really works to minimize hair frizz and snagging that tends to happen in the middle of the night. Plus, since I’m somewhat of a sweaty sleeper, it’s comforting to readjust on this pillowcase, since it stays cool all night long (no matter how hot I may get).

While admittedly the price point is a bit high at $85 for a queen-sized case, you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to quality. Although it’s made entirely from mulberry silk, the pillowcase is also machine washable, which makes it easy for me to use mine (sans germs) all the time. Night after night, my skin and hair literally glide over my Slip case instead of catching, which used to happen quite often when I slept on cotton pillowcases. These days my hair feels way less dry and is definitely more manageable thanks to this wonder-working pillowcase; I even invested in the matching eye mask.

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