Artsakh stands for peaceful relations with Azerbaijan – President


Lusine Avanesyan
Public Radio of Armenia-Stepanakert

Artsakh stands for peaceful relations with Azerbaijan, President Bako Sahakyan said in an annual address to the National Assembly today.

He stressed, however, that in case of any aggression, Artsakh will do everything to defend the Motherland’s independence, security and dignity.

President Sahakyan noted that large-scale work was carried out in all the areas of the republic’s life in 2018, steady growth was registered with the current programs being elaborated and translated into life.

The President detailed the projects to be implemented in a range of spheres and assured that they will be successfully put into life through close cooperation, coordinated and professional work of all the branches of power and different structures.

Bako Sahakyan underlined that among the crucial priorities has been ensuring the security of the country and people, the maintenance of high-level operational effectiveness of the Defense Army.

President Sahakyan stressed that the Defense Army carried out effectively the set tasks, guaranteeing the inviolability of the borders and full-fledged security of the state.

The President pointed out that the legislative body of the republic had its active role in the successful implementation of the envisioned programs, expressing gratitude for their constructive cooperation and principled stance.


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