Duhok: Residents of over 250 Villages Yet to Return Due to PKK-Turkey Conflict


ERBIL – The residents of over 250 villages in the Kurdistan Region’s Duhok province are yet to return to their rural areas due to the prolonged military confrontation between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Turkish army in the region.

A dozen of villages have so far been evacuated because of the conflict between the two sides in the town of Dinarta, in Duhok’s Akre area since the new year, Sha’aban Khalil, the mayor of the town, told BasNews.

Meanwhile, Idris Harki, a member of the Duhok Provincial Council, told BasNews that over 250 villages have so far remained empty as a result of the Turkish bombardments in the border areas.

In hopes that Turkey would not shell areas where civilians live, he pointed out that they had urged the Iraqi Parliament to summon the Turkish envoy so that he would convey the message to Ankara.

The PKK is designated by Turkey as a “terrorist organization” as the two sides are in a decades-long conflict over the Kurdish question in Turkey.


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