Political analyst concerned over absence of investment processes in Armenia


YEREVAN, April 30. /ARKA/. Political analyst Karen Kocharyan said the lack of investment processes in Armenia is a big problem.

“The question is not whether there are investments or not. There may be no investments for a whole year, but lack of investments for a year is not a time span to raise panic,” Kocharyan told reporters on Monday.

According to him, what is disturbing is the fact there is no idea where and why investments may come from and what is being done to attract them. He noted that investors cannot be attracted only by the absence of corruption; it is necessary to work with them.

“For 10 months I have been repeating that speaking about the absence of corruption is necessary, but not enough. Only because of the absence of corruption investors will not come to the country. We need to work with them, offer them attractive conditions, including legislative and tax breaks,” he said.

Kocharyan also noted that without necessary guarantees, it will not be possible to attract investments to Armenia, but in his words, there is no activity seen in that direction.

“Money loves guarantees the most. Cruel, cynical, but this is today’s world. And without a very high guarantee, investments will not come to Armenia. These guarantees should be given by the authorities,” said the political consultant.


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