UK government toadying to American warmongers: Analyst


A senior analyst from London believes that the UK government is merely obeying the United States when it comes to its policy on Iran.

“The British government is creepy-crawly toadying to the wordmongers of the American government,” said Shakespeare in an interview with the Press TV on Thursday.

Shakespeare said that London had no reason to pressure Tehran to continue to comply with its nuclear commitments under a 2015 international agreement which has suffered as a result Washington’s unilateral withdrawal.

“Iran, it was agreed, was due to gain economic benefits from it, upholding its side of bargain. Those benefits have not come. In fact, it’s worse than that” he said.

“They dare, they absolute dare to say that Iran should not make any response at all …This is the hypocritical bullying which the UK government has learnt from the American government,” he added.

Shakespeare said Britain and its position on Iran nuclear deal is only helping US President Donald Trump and his warmongering policy.

“He (Trump) and his vicious war-mongering cronies (John) Bolton and (Mike) Pompeo appears to be moving to war,” he said, adding, “The UK government is going along with this, they are going along with the breach of the agreement and they are going along with them moving to war.”

The expert said Trump has consistently sought to destroy the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers, which he described as a great achievement.

“The Tehran nuclear agreement with the P5+1 was a remarkable piece of international diplomacy. It is being blown out of the window by Trump who is an aggressor and my government is going along with this aggression,” he said.

Shakespeare said Britain’s way of handling Iran’s case shows how dependent London is when it comes to foreign policy.

“I’m ashamed of the attitude of my own government which is sly, hypocritical, dissembling and in the bottom line it is sheer cowardice because we are not prepared to stand up to the Americans to say that they have broken the agreement,” he said.

Press TV


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