US Federal Police Evicting Activists from Venezuelan Embassy in Washington


U.S. federal police have begun evicting activists protecting the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington from the illegitimate Guaido’ regime.

At around 8 pm Monday evening journalist Max Blumenthal, who was in the building, tweeted a photograph that was posted to the embassy door.

The text of the eviction notice reads in part: ““Ambassadors Vecchio and [Gustavo] Tarre have requested and directed anyone who is present on this property to depart from it immediately, and to not return without these ambassadors’ express authorization,” said the eviction notice, which was dated May 13. “Any person who refuses to comply with these requests and orders to depart from this property will be trespassing in violation of federal and District of Columbia law and may be arrested and criminally prosecuted.”

Knowing that the police were about to raid the building the activists posted this video at 7:23 pm:

Journalist  Anya Parampil is seen here in this video leaving the embassy. She is told by police to give back a painting of Simon de Bolivar that she had used to cover her face, but is not arrested.

Consortium News


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