İYİ Party leader slams Istanbul revote


İYİ (Good) Party leader has slammed the top election body’s decision for a revote in Istanbul on June 23.

“The ruling parties have done an enormity to Turkey by not recognizing the results of bal-lot boxes,” Meral Akşener told her party’s parliamentary group on May 14.

“They have kicked the ballot box, they have politically killed themselves,” said Akşener.

She stressed that they would never stay silent against “this judicial coup committed against democracy.”

“Every single intervention to democracy is a coup, and we will reject every kind of coup,” she added.

On May 6, the Supreme Election Council accepted the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) objection to the March 31 local election results in Istanbul and announced a do-over election.

In its decision, it said some polling officials and staff on March 31 were not public servants as required by law.

Hurriyet Daily News


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