‘Simple exercise’ a cure for men’s bedroom blues, JCU finds


By Robyn Wuth- Daily Life

Men struggling with their performance in the bedroom have been told a targeted pelvic work-out could lift more than their spirits.

Men who suffer erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation (PE) could improve their performance with a simple pelvic floor exercise by drawing up their testicles, a James Cook University study has found.

Fifty-two per cent of men experience ED and 30 per cent experience PE, said JCU physiotherapy lecturer Chris Myers.Credit:Stuff

JCU physiotherapy lecturer Chris Myers said targeted work-outs could help build muscle strength and manage sexual dysfunction.

Fifty-two per cent of men experience ED and 30 per cent experience PE, he said.

Mr Myers said simple pelvic floor exercises could help a man strengthen and engage the muscle responsible for building and keeping penile rigidity.

The pelvic floor muscles can be identified by stopping urination midstream, or by drawing the testicles upwards.

Men would then tighten and hold these muscles periodically throughout the day to build strength and control.

Mr Myers started exploring the effectiveness of therapy for sexual dysfunction while trying to help a patient.

“I did some research and pelvic exercise has been very successful for some patients,” he said.

“Patient cure rates were as high as 47 per cent for ED and 83 per cent for PE.”

He said most people would not realise there was a non-invasive alternative to traditional medical treatment and drugs.

“Society seems to look for a quick fix. It’s like any form of exercise – if there is a pill or a magic potion, a lot of people will take that option.

“Pelvic floor exercises to prevent ED and PE are a non-invasive and a cheaper option than traditional methods.”




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