PM Pashinyan calls for investigation of April War circumstances

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinnyan surrounded with thousands of people walks towards the RA National Assembly

Public Radio  of Armenia

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has called for establishment of a parliamentary commission to investigate the circumstances that led to the April War in 2016 to get answers to a number of questions.

Speaking about Armenia-Artsakh relations today, Pashinyan said “there are specific forces representing the former corrupt system who are attempting to implement the well-known scheme of sowing disagreement, contradictions and even incite enmity between the people of Artsakh and the people of Armenia in line with the “divide and rule” logic and in an effort to conceal the previously committed corruption crimes.”

“While it appears that our compatriots in Artsakh often suffered more from systemic corruption, some representatives of these systems are using their corrupt connections to carry out false propaganda against the Armenian government and the Prime Minister in Artsakh,” the Prime Minister said.

“As early as during the latest parliamentary election campaign I stated that by analyzing all of this I could see a long-term objective to provoke a conspiracy war, even hand over some territories and put the responsibility of what happened on the Government of Armenia,” he continued.

Nikol Pashinyan described it as an equivalent to state treason, and pledged to take drastic measures to expose and root out such intentions in his capacity as Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, as the guarantor of Artsakh’s security, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, I will take drastic measures to expose and root out such intentions.

The Prime Minister called on people in Artsakh to unequivocally disavow all those forces whose activity is aimed at sowing discord between the two parts of our nation.

“I urge the people of Artsakh to support only the forces that stand for the Armenian nation and its legitimate government. All other forces have one and only goal, namely to use the people of Artsakh as medium for serving their narrow group interests, avoid responsibility for the crimes committed in the past, provoke conspiracies against the sovereignty of Armenia and Artsakh,” Pashinyan stated.


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