KDP Refutes Any Secret Deal in Electing New Nineveh Governor



ERBIL – The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has refuted the rumors claiming that there was a secret deal between the Kurdish party and certain Iraqi sides in the election of a new governor for Nineveh province.

“There has not been any agreements between the KDP and Iraqi sides in the election of the new governor of Nineveh and his two deputies,” Barakat Shamo, said the head of the KDP bloc at the Nineveh Provincial Council, rejecting a claim made by the head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in this regard.

He said that “it was not done the way the head of PUK bloc says, the appointment of the governor, indeed, was made based on a previous agreement between the sides,” and not a secret one.

Shamo added that 28 out 38 members of the council voted for the new governor.

“And for the post of the deputy of the governor, 26 members voted for KDP’s nominee,” he concluded.


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