Armenia, Artsakh have crossed line in escalating tension between them


YEREVAN, June 13. /ARKA/. Armenia and Artsakh have crossed the line in escalation of tension between them, Kiro Manoyan, head of Hay Dat office of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation/ Dashnaktsutiun, said on Wednesday.

Armenian media sources started recently reporting about escalation of tension between Armenia and Artsakh’s authorities.

According to the media’s allegations, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has even demanded Bako Sahakyan, Artsakh president, to dismiss Vitaly Balasanyan as Artsakh security secretary, threatening Sahakyan that Armenia will stop providing financial support to Artsakh.

This allegation was later denied by the Armenian finance ministry, which said that the money is being transferred, in due time, as before.

Balasanyan still resigned saying he want to concentrate his attention on presidential election – he want to run for Artsakh presidency.

“There has not been such a tension between Armenia and Artsakh at least for the last two decades,” Manoyan said adding that before that there was some discord over the stance of Levon Ter-Petrosyan, the first president of Armenia, but not to this extent.

“Armenia and Artsakh have crossed the line in escalation of tension between them, and this affects the Karabakh settlement,” he said adding that this is not a tension, but the problem is the relationship between two persons – the Armenian premier and the Artsakh president. The rest, he said, is puffed up by the media.

In his opinion, it is necessary to solve the problem not to let the enemy use the situation for activating its positions on the contact line.

Manoyan said that the recent resignations of high-ranking officials in Artsakh are absolutely not connected with this discord, and many of the dismissed officials were appointed to higher positions.

He finds it wrong to tune Armenian and Artsakh communities against each other, and first of all, the authorities shouldn’t resort to aggressive rhetoric.

Levoin Mnatsakanyan was dismissed yesterday as Artsakh’s emergency service, but immediately appointed as the police chief.


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