Azerbaijan is among the outsiders of peace


Baku/13.06.19/Turan: The London Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) published the Global Peace Index -2019 report, which showed a slight improvement on a global scale.

The IEP founder Steve Kileli expressed a slight optimism, noting that a lot will depend on the development of the situation in the Middle East, especially around Iran.

The report covers 163 countries in which the situation is assessed according to criteria such as war, terrorism, police violence, arms exports, social cohesion and respect for human rights.

According to the report, Azerbaijan ranked 130th in the list of countries with the lowest peace indicator – 2,425 points, although it improved the indicator by 3 points. The United States (128), Turkey (152), Russia (154) were friends. Closed rating Afghanistan (163). The closest rival Armenia was in 118th place, and friendly Georgia was in 99th place.

Iceland (1), New Zealand (2), Portugal (3), Austria (4), Denmark (5) were re-named the most peaceful country.

Global Peace Index (Global Peace Index) Calculated according to the methods of the organization The Economist Intelligence Unit (analytical division of the British magazine Economist). The first such study was conducted in May 2007. –



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