Armenian Genocide filmmakers accused of propaganda


Public Radio of Armenia-Journalists documenting the “Islamized” life of Armenians following the 1915 genocide have come under fire by the Turkish Islamists newspaper Yeni Akit, the International Christian Concern reports.

The documentary, entitled “The Hidden Cross”, screened in Diyarbakir at a building belonging to the city council for the first time on June 16th.

Since then, the newspaper has published a series of articles attacking the documentary.

According to the source, this news outlet is aggressively promoting the government narrative that there was no genocide and that this kind of documentary supports the west’s efforts to “put Turkey in a corner.” One of the film’s directors intends to initiate legal action against the newspaper.

Screening the film in Diyarbakir was significant, as the city lost nearly a quarter of its population during the genocide.

Some Armenians converted to Islam after the genocide to save their lives. It is known, however, that some Muslims of today have converted back to Christianity when they realized their Armenian ancestors were forcibly converted during the genocide.


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