In 2020 Armenia to resolve the problem of homeless people in disaster zone


YEREVAN, July 2. /ARKA/. In 2020, the last 453 families who lost their homes in the 1988 earthquake will be provided by new housing, the head of the Urban Planning Committee Vahagn Vermishyan told reporters on Monday.

According to him, these families still live in so-called “domiks” (temporary shelters or containers) in Lori, Shirak and Aragatsotn regions.

Vermishyan said that according to the latest estimates, some 5,396 families still live in the domiks. “The problem is that many of them were not affected by the earthquake. They own homes in other regions of the country, but prefer to live in domiks in the areas which are referred to as ‘disaster zone’. The state has no obligations to them,” said Vermishyan.

He said the government intends to get rid of the domiks, many of which were erected in public areas and impede the development of towns.

Last December 7 Armenia marked the 30th anniversary of a catastrophic earthquake that killed more than 25,000 people and left hundreds of thousands of others homeless. The magnitude 6.8 quake struck northwestern parts of Armenia which then was a Soviet republic of 3.5 million residents.

The earthquake’s epicenter was near Spitak, a small town that was razed to the ground. Gyumri (known as Leninakan then) was also hit hard. The huge death toll was widely blamed on violation of seismic safety standards. -0-


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