Nearly 58,000 motor vehicles registered in May


Nearly 58,000 vehicles were registered in Turkey in May, the country’s statistics authority revealed on July 4.

The number of motor vehicle slipped 42.5% year-on-year in the month, according to TÜİK.

However, the figure was up 6.3% on a monthly basis.

“Within 57,757 vehicle registrations in May, cars accounted for 47%, followed by motorcycles 33.9%, small trucks 11.3% and tractors 4.6%. Minibusses, buses, trucks and special purpose vehicles constituted 3.2% of new registrations,” TÜİK said.

In terms of distribution of model brands for new registered cars, 13.9% were Fiat, 13.2% Renault, 9.9% Toyota, 7.9% Volkswagen, 6.6% Hyundai, 6.6% Peugeot, 6.5% Honda, 4.5% Mercedes-Benz, 3.8% Dacia and 3.4% Opel.

The TÜİK data showed that the total number of road motor vehicles registered to the traffic surpassed 23 million by the end of May.

Hurriyet Daily News


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