What Is Brewing in Karabakh?


Baku / 09.07.19 / Turan: The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Armenia and Russia discussed the settlement of the Karabakh conflict among other things at the OSCE ministerial meeting in Slovakia, Armenian media reported today.

There is nothing special in this message, considering that yesterday Mnatsakanyan was in Karabakh, where the local leadership was assured that Yerevan does not intend to make concessions in the matters of settlement and the decisive word for Karabakh.

This information is also nothing new, if not for nervousness in Karabakh itself, where they no longer hide their displeasure with the policies of the Nikol Pashinyan government.

The situation is skillfully exacerbated by fake reports of Pashinyan”s readiness to “surrender” Karabakh (letter from Pashinyan addressed to NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg), persecution of those who criticize Pashinyan”s actions (resignation of the head of “Karabakh Security Council” Vitaly Balasanyan) and the dismissal of a number of high-ranking military in Karabakh.

Against this background, the “Karabakh Security Service” issued a statement that it would take decisive measures against attempts to “violate the constitutional order”.

This warning was heard 10 days before the end of the collection of signatures, which was initiated by the former “commander of the Nagorno-Karabakh forces”, Samvel Babayan. He is trying to take part in the election of “President of Karabakh”, which will be held in 2020. However, now he cannot be a candidate, as he has not lived in Karabakh for the last 10 years. Therefore, Babayan initiated the collection of signatures to amend the legislation in order to eliminate this restriction.

Samvel Babayan conducts active agitation, convincing people that they hinder him, because they are afraid. But the most interesting thing is that Babayan threatened that if they (local authorities) interfered with him, he would bring his supporters to the streets.

The warning of the “Security Service” indicates that the authorities in Karabakh will not allow Babayan to power.

At the same time, in the media controlled by the authorities, information is published that Samvel Babayan intends to provoke unrest and destabilize the situation. This is done in order to resolve the issue of the Karabakh settlement in the format of the transfer of Karabakh under the mandate of Russia.

It should be noted that part of the political forces of Armenia and the population of Karabakh support Babayan. In particular, the influential Dashnaktsutyun party intends to begin consultations on the nomination of a single candidate. There is an opinion that Dashnaks will bet on Babayan. –


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