Tehran set for elections to choose City Council assistants


The Iranian capital is set to hold local elections to choose assistants to the Islamic City Council of Tehran.

Hamid Tahayei, secretary of the executive committee of Tehran’s City Council, said Thursday that the elections will be held in 352 constituencies on Friday.

Some 7,000 fully-electronic ballot boxes will be used in 1,700 polling stations, he added.

He said that a total of 12,328 candidates had registered for the election, some 12,030 of which have been qualified to run in the elections.

Some 56 candidates have been disqualified from running in the elections and the rest have been lifted out due to incomplete documents, he added.

The official said that final results are likely to be announced on Saturday since the voting system is fully electronic.

The City Council of Tehran presides over the Iranian capital, elects mayors and decides budgets of the Municipality of Tehran.

Press TV


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