Azeri Media Review July 25, 2019


Turan.Az- The development of industrial parks and neighborhoods in the country, the possıbılıty of a massive reduction of officials, a discussion of the economy and stability of the manat are topics of today’s media

The “Azerbaijan” newspaper writes about industrial quarters and parks, the decree on the creation of which signed the President of the country on October 8, 2014. The creation of these enterprises is for the development of the non-oil sector, including small and medium-sized businesses. In the current industrial quarters, up to now, products worth 33 million manat have been produced. In the industrial parks officially registered 36 participants, the amount of investment amounted to about 140 million manat. This year another 15 enterprises will be commissioned.

Site “Yeni” argues with MP Fazil Mustafa question reducing the number of officials. According to the deputy, in Azerbaijan such a need has existed for a long time. The article provides an example of France; where up to 2022 15 thousand official positions will be liquidated. According to the deputy, in Azerbaijan there are many unnecessary, overlapping structures, many unnecessary posts as well. In case of reforming in this area, the number of unemployed will increase. If in France this is compensated by the presence of a developed private sector, where there are high wages, in Azerbaijan everything is different, and the reduced ones increase the army of the unemployed.

The site “” writes about the stability of the manat, which will not last long. Economist Gubad Ibadoglu compares the manat with the dead, who does not react to anything. In Iran, Georgia and Kazakhstan, the national currency is falling, while in Russia and Turkey it has somewhat stabilized. The present state it plays no role either in the regulatory function, or in the development of processes, or in stimulation. Therefore, it is not even worth talking about the possible impact of processes in neighboring countries on the manat.


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