10 effective precautions against sweating on sultry days



Sweating may cause dermatological issues along with making your clothes wet.

Sweating is an important physical mechanism that regulates body temperature, but it can turn into a nightmare for many people, especially on hot days in the summer. While it makes the clothes look wet, it also can cause dermatological issues such as smell and fungus. Dermatology Specialist Burçak Bozdemir Aral stated that many factors can cause perspiration, including environmental heat, physical activity, psychological reasons, certain diseases and even excess weight.

“In people with increased sweating, it should be investigated whether there is a serious cause. If the sweating is not due to an illness or medication, people can avoid sweating by following some simple rules,” Aral said.

Here are 10 effective precautions against sweating:

Wear light-colored and cotton clothes

On summer days, choosing light-colored clothes is one of the factors that will reduce the effect of the sun. Avoid tight-fitting and high-synthetic clothes. Choose cotton fabrics and wide-woven clothing that can absorb your sweat.

Drink plenty of water

Contrary to popular belief, abundant fluid consumption does not increase perspiration. Water keeps body temperature in balance. When sweating is intense, salt loss from our body occurs. Therefore, to keep the sodium level within the health-appropriate range, consume mineral water as well as a lot of water.

Do not consume caffeine or alcohol

Drinking too much coffee and tea and consuming alcohol trigger sweating and increase water loss. Therefore, avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

Watch what you eat

Be very careful when consuming hot, spicy and oily foods, as well as onions and garlic as they increase sweating. Eat light foods instead of fast food and heavy foods.

Avoid sage tea, tomato juice

Sage and tomato juice are also among the drinks that reduce the effectiveness of sweat glands, so you should consume in moderation.

Shed your excess weight

Excess weight is one of the main factors causing sweating. Therefore, to maintain your overall health and reduce sweating, get rid of your excess weight with a healthy diet. Get expert support if necessary.

Pay attention to hygiene

Take a bath at least once a day. After the bath, dry thoroughly and use antiperspirant products. Always change your underwear and clothes after each bath.

Ventilate your environment

Ventilate your environment, home and office frequently throughout the day. Air circulation reduces sweating.

Avoid excessive movement

Avoid excessive movement as jobs requiring physical activity increase perspiration. Do not go out at noon when the sun rays shine the most brightly. If you need to be constantly outdoors and in the sun for your job, try to take a break at appropriate times.

Don’t take hot showers

Taking a shower with hot water raises body temperature and causes too much sweating. Bathe in warm or cold water if possible to keep body temperature in balance.

Botox treatment for excess perspiration

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Burçak Bozdemir Aral said, “Botulinum toxin, used in dermatology for the prevention and removal of wrinkles for cosmetic purposes, is now used for the treatment of patients with excessive sweating. In patients with excessive sweating, botox medicine is injected with tiny needles under the skin in the area of intense sweating. With this treatment, sweating in that area is stopped for about six months. Botox, which is most commonly applied to the armpits, is a great comfort for the patient to get rid of sweating problems that cause many issues both physically and mentally. Furthermore, since perspiration continues in other body parts of the patient, stopping sweating in that area does not cause any general health problem and does not cause any harm to the patient. However, as in all treatments, it must be applied in a hospital environment, under sterile conditions and by an experienced physician.”



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