Bassil: Militias Always Resort to Intelligence Agencies and Embassies

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil attends a joint press conference after a conference on Syrian refugees at the Foreign Ministry in Berlin October 28, 2014. Representatives of around 40 states and NGOs met for a conference on Syrian refugees and the neighbouring countries bearing the brunt of the crisis. AFP PHOTO / TOBIAS SCHWARZ / AFP / TOBIAS SCHWARZ

Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Wednesday launched a vitriolic attack on political rivals, describing them as anti-state “militias.”

“They built their castles with extortion money and the state’s money and from selling arms and drugs and yet they’re accusing us of corruption,” Bassil said during an FPM ceremony.

“Militias are always linked to foreign forces, they gather and ally against the state and they always resort to intelligence agencies and embassies,” Bassil added, in an apparent jab at the Progressive Socialist Party and the U.S. embassy in Lebanon.

The U.S. embassy had earlier in the day issued a statement in which it stressed that “any attempt to use the tragic June 30 event in (Qabrshmoun) to advance political objectives should be rejected.”

“We will not allow a Druze-Christian problem in Mt. Lebanon and we are working steadily for partnership and we won’t back down no matter how much lies they spread,” Bassil added.

Referring to the Qabrshmoun incident, Bassil said “the road was blocked and an attack occurred against ministers and MPs visiting their regions and people.”

“The facts are clear and any military, judicial or criminal judiciary will not be able to evade them,” he added.

“We will not take permission from anyone to enter into our houses in Mount Lebanon and we will not tolerate the presence of feudal fiefdoms,” Bassil went on to say.

“Today you are witnessing the approach of the militia versus the approach of the state,” he added.

Source Naharnet


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