Trump counting on racism for re-election: Expert


An expert and anti-racism activist tells Press TV’s The Debate program that US President Donald Trump is demonizing immigrants in a “vile racist” campaign he is depending on for re-election.

Richard Becker with ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition from San Francisco was talking on the program on Tuesday. “Trump is counting on racism to get him reelected,” he asserted.

Becker described the US president as a “vile racist,” saying he began his anti-immigration drive back in 2015, when he started calling Mexicans “rapists and drug dealers.”

Trump misguides poor Americans by maligning immigrants, “telling them their problem is not because of the rich, not because of the concentration of the wealth that they have, but because of the immigrants.”

Ever since launching his immigration-averse tactics, Trump has repeatedly spoken of “Hispanic invasion or Latino invasion” of the country, Becker said, adding that the president’s smear campaign “has led to so many murders now.”

He cited the case of a recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, claiming that the massacre had been motivated by the anti-immigrant sentiments, which Trump has been propagating.

Mike Billington with the Asia Desk of the Executive Intelligence Review from Leesburg, Virginia, who was also addressing the program, however, countered Becker.

Billington said the shooter behind the carnage was a leftist environmentalist.

His manifesto, the guest claimed, contained a “vile commitment to depopulating the world because they’re destroying the environment.”

Becker, meanwhile, said Trump’s zero-tolerance policy concerning immigration defied the US’s dependence on immigrant laborers.

“The US economy cannot function without immigrant labor and undocumented labor…Undocumented workers constitute somewhere between 90 and 100 percent [of the workforce] depending on what location you’re talking about,” he stated.

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