Turkey’s historical richness under one roof


Social media accounts and websites from museums and historical sites managed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism have been consolidated into one website.

The idea behind the move is to establish a brand, create a one-stop resource for visitors and collect comments and suggestions from the public to help improve the experience of visiting the museums.

On the joint website, visitors can find information, photos and videos about the museums in Turkey.

Nine short videos taken by the ministry for the promotion of museums and photos of rare works are presented to followers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Tripadvisor accounts. New videos about 15 museums are also in the making.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism also makes use of the opinions and suggestions of the visitors in order to carry out the museum activities on a healthy and sustainable basis and to provide higher quality museum services.

Visitors who scan QR codes on their mobile devices on posters in museums and historical sites can participate in the survey on www.turkishmuseums.com.

Hurriyet Daily News


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