Venezuela frees several politicians amid talks


Jesus Silva
Press TV, Caracas

Several Venezuelan politicians who oppose President Nicolas Maduro have been freed as a result of negotiations between the National government and several opposition parties.

Among the released politicians, there was Edgar Zambrano, the current vice-president of the opposition-led congress who spent months in jail after being criminally indicted for his participation in a coup attempt against Maduro in April. Zambrano, who has been a close collaborator of US-backed opposition leader, Juan Guaido, underlined the need to engage in talks to resolve the long-standing issues.

The Venezuelan government has also said the talks will help restore peace in the country. However, some opposition figures decry negotiations with the government.

The Venezuelan people, while welcoming peace talks and negotiations, slam foreign interference in their country’s affairs.

In the past few years, Venezuela has been grappling with an economic crisis, mainly caused by US sanctions. Washington has even threatened to use military force to oust the elected president.

Experts believe the release of the jailed politicians can be seen as an important move toward more reconciliation between the government and the opposition in order to resolve the country’s troublesome situation.

Press TV


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