Bathrobe One: Ivanka Trump Shows New Stunning Outfit During Missouri Trip


Donald Trump’s daughter showed off her new outfit during a child care meeting, accompanied by a company of officials.

The Daily Caller went all fanboy in its depiction of the first daughter, who recently travelled to Kansas City, Missouri, for a child care conference.

Joined by Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Republican Senator Roy Blunt and Missouri Governor Mike Parson, Trump appeared in a creamy white dress that bears a certain resemblance to a very expensive bathrobe.

Ivanka shared her look in her Instagram account, complete with loose hair, black high heels and a cream-colored belt to match, as she hugs children on the Penn Valley Community college campus. The Daily Caller just couldn’t get enough of it.

“The first daughter’s fashion sense is always on point as has been noted before,” the report says.

“Hearing from parents, administrators (and kids!) alike about the challenges faced in the child care space was enlightening and this great feedback will inform our work back in DC,” the first daughter wrote in her Instagram following the event.



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