Nuclear weapons safe in Turkey, says Trump


U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he was confident about the safety of nuclear weapons in Turkey, left-wing Turkish news site Duvar reported.

U.S. officials are considering moving some 50 nuclear weapons, which have become “bargaining chips” for Turkey amid plans by Washington to sanction Ankara over its offensive in northeast Syria, a recent New York Times report said.

“We’re confident, they’ll be safe and we have a great airbase there -a very powerful airbase,” Trump said at a press conference when asked about the weapons located at the İncirlik Air Base in southern Turkey.

U.S.-Turkish relations are in crisis once again after Trump hit Ankara with punitive measures over its incursion in northeast Syria, despite giving the green light to the offensive during a phone call on Sept. 6.

The U.S. officials have been considering moving the weapons, but transporting them out of the U.S. base in Turkey would mark the de facto end of the alliance between two countries, the Guardian said, citing a senior U.S. official who talked to the NYT about the issue.



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