Iranian Leader Khamenei Accuses US and Arab States of Fuelling Unrest in Iraq and Lebanon – Reports


Previously, mass protests in Iraq led to dramatic clashes, claiming the lives of around 250 people, while rallies in Lebanon’s capital of Beirut have forced Prime Minister Saad Hariri to announce his resignation.

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic Ali Khamenei urged the Iraqi and Lebanese peoples to retain stability in their countries amid the mass unrest, claiming that the protests were inspired by Washington and Arab states.

The violent protests in Iraq that erupted in recent months have led to social networks and messengers being banned, as well as the introduction of a curfew in several cities. Several checkpoints on the border with Iran have also been closed due to the unrest.

The protesters oppose the deteriorating public services and corruption, urging the government to resign.

The demonstrations in Lebanon were sparked by announced tax hikes on tobacco and internet calls but continued even after the government cancelled these plans. While the protests have largely not resulted in clashes with police, they have caused massive road blockages around the country. As a result, Prime Minister Hariri announced that he would step down in a statement on Tuesday.



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