Gov’t aims to bring down social media usage among youth


Officials aim to bring down social media usage among youth by 8 percent by the year 2023, according to an action plan initiated by the Healthy Ministry.

The action plan named “National Strategy Document and Action Plan in Fight Against Behavioral Addictions” says that the authorities will conduct an analysis looking into the time spent by the youth aged 14-19 on the internet.

The authorities will later inform the youth about the “effective and conscious-use” of technology at schools, youth centers and youth camps.

The action plan says that the owners of internet cafes will be obliged to put warning messages about the “correct use” of information technologies in their enterprises.

Also, they will be obliged to put information of the relevant government authorities in case their users are being exposed to threats and sexual abuse on the internet.

The authorities will hold trainings to inform the youth and their families about the issues of identity theft and protection of private life on the internet.

The action plan also calls for the inspections to increase regarding gambling activities so that children cannot easily access them.

Hurriyet Daily News


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