Security forces launch Operation Kıran-6 in eastern Turkey


Turkey launched Operation Kıran-6 to eliminate terrorists in the country’s east, the Interior Ministry announced on Nov. 13.

The counter-terrorism operation is underway in the rural areas of Van, Hakkari, and Şırnak provinces, the ministry said in a statement.

A total of 2,360 police, gendarmerie, and village guards have joined the domestic operation.

On Aug. 17, Turkey launched Operation Kıran against PKK terrorists in Van, Hakkari, and Şırnak provinces, followed by the launch of Operation Kıran-2 on Aug. 27 in Mardin, Şırnakand Batman provinces.

The third phase of the operation was launched on Sept. 21 against terrorists in Bestler-Dereler and Herekol regions of Şırnak and Siirt provinces.

On Sept. 24, Turkey launched Operation Kiran-4 in the eastern Kars, Ağrı, and Iğdır provinces.

Operation Kıran-5 was launched in the eastern Diyarbakır, Bingol and Muş provinces on Nov. 8.

Hurriyet Daily News


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